Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an account to rent or purchase?

No, you can fill out our credit card authorization for us to charge your credit card or you can pay with cash.


How do I setup an account?

Please contact us and we would be able to send you a credit application.

How do I place an order?

Please call our main office at 801-627-1970

Do I need to call in my pick up or do you automatically pick the equipment up?

We do not automatically pick up equipment, the pickups need to be called in to our main office.

How do I place an order after the office is closed for the day?

You can call our main number and someone with our after-hours service would be happy to help you.

Do you provide traffic control plans?

Yes, you can contact our main office or email your request to with your contact information.

Can you provide me with a quote?

Yes, just contact our main office and one of our estimators would be happy to help you.

Do you just rent the equipment or can you deliver and set them up?

We are a full-service company, we can deliver, setup and maintain jobs when requested.

If my equipment needs servicing what do I need to do?

Please give our main office a call and we will schedule a job service for your jobsite.

When I rent equipment do I get charged hourly or daily?

We charge daily, until the equipment is returned to our office or picked up by us.

When will I receive my bill?

We will the bill the job when it is completed or at the end of each month.

How can I find out what I have rented out?

We provide system access to our customers so they can pull reports as often as they want to know what jobs are open or closed and what equipment is on the job.

Do you have someone that I can talk with about the equipment required on my jobsite if I don’t know what I need?

Yes, contact our office an we one of our estimators/TCS can help you with your needs.

Do you rent concrete barrier?


Do you sell equipment?

Yes, we sell new equipment.

Do you have a sign shop?

Yes, we can make any road/highway or custom sign that you need. We also make banners.

Do you rent portable traffic signals?


Are you drivers trained to do setups?


Can I rent equipment for my special event?

Yes, we have Pedestrian fence, message boards and channelizing equipment. We do many major events each year.